Simple skincare for complex people

100% Natural and nourishing skincare

Natural, handmade, bath, body and beauty. Formulated by Coleen Phoenixx, your friendly neighborhood cosmetic sorceress, crafted in ridiculously small batches, from organic ingredients.

Gentle Cleansing Bar Soaps

The first step in self care sorcery. Natural, nourishing, vegan bar soaps, carefully crafted from sumptuous oils and butters for creamy bubbly lather.

Foaming Body Scrubs

Rich, creamy lather perfectly balanced with a gentle, skin polishing scrub means you can cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in one step.

Lotions & Potions

Luxurious all-natural moisturizers, crafted from cold pressed, cocoa and shea butters, blended with light skin loving oils for any level of hydration.

Only Awesome Ingredients

There are no scary sounding chemicals, no scare tactics either; no buzzwords, and no branding you into a box. Nothing here is fancy or delicate, these ingredients are real. They’re whole. And they work. . . so you can werk. 

DIY Workshops & Sip + Shops

Gather your crew for a crash course in kitchen chemistry, as we craft custom recipes perfect for your skin. We’ll bring all the ingredients, tools and equipment, you just need to bring your creativity and unleash your inner mad scientist! Plushy robes & cucumber slices are optional but definitely encouraged. 

Who Makes These Things?

We do! The eponymous Phoenixx & do-it-all diva! Coleen, the resident mad scientist, (that’s me! though I prefer the title Cosmetic Sorceress) formulator, packaging designer, and how-many things-can-one-product-do enumerator.

An artist and an engineer at heart Paul is always working to build it better, stronger, faster. Developing the logistics of how to actually produce and package whatever wacky new thing I’m dreaming of. I’m hoping someday he’ll build me an industrial mixer for our amazing sugar scrubs; but I’ll take the killer arm workout until then!