Tabula Rasa

The simple perfection of a clean slate, the lure of an empty canvas.
Free of all fragrance & colourants, offering only the limitless possibilities of an empty page.
Do with it what you will.

Tabula Rasa is our un-fragrance.

Perfect for those who prefer no fragrance at all! 

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In the contemplative silence of a new dawn, an airy bouquet of Sweet Pea,
Red Clover Tea and White Lilies laces the clearing mist with quiet calm
and the promise of things to come.

Empyrean is light and airy with a the barest whisper of white florals.

Perfect for those who prefer just a hint of fragrance.

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Cassis & Cognac

At a hazy back table in a dimly lit brasserie the silent siren sits enveloped by
a sensual blend of aged, full bodied cognac, sweet blooming vanilla orchids
and spiced black currant.

Cognac is lightly sweet, with a sexxy amber heart of honey and vanilla.

Perfect for those who like their fragrance just a bit sultry.


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A bright clean halo of teak wood and freshly squeezed limes that is powerful, energizing and almost heavenly, underscored and anchored earthy Myrrh and lush vetiver.
A bold balance of strength and seduction.

Archangel is a fresh and uplifting shot of citrus with strong masculine earth tones.

Perfect for those who like a clean robust fragrance.

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Suds for everyBODY!

Our cold process soaps come fully loaded with rich creamy lather to get you squeaky clean!
From our simplest soaps with no fragrance, colorants or additives, to bars infused with clays and essential oils, and even a few to deliciously scented specialty bars (get them while you can!)
We have suds for everyBODY; to gently wash the day away, perk you up in the morning, or just cleanse and reset.

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What Our Fans Are Saying
I have tried a few other Rising Phoenixx products and I have to say I have been impressed every time. Everything is so gentle on my super sensitive skin and I love that. The light lotion and sugar scrub are my daily skin care routine and my skin has never been better. Nicole

Mineola, NY

That body creme WORKS! I usually use baby oil after I shower at the gym. I mix it with a lotion, so I get the softness from the lotion and the deeper moisture from the baby oil, but it makes a mess sometimes and I am always worried one or the other will leak in my gym bag. That creme is really thick and really moisturizing. I don’t have to mix products or carry two bottles in my bag. Alex

Cherry Hill, NJ

I like that the body creme is thick, but not greasy. It’s actually kind of silky like I just put on powder. Even after I wash my hands I can still feel the softness, and when they’re fully dry, my hands don’t get that tight/itchy feeling in the cold weather. Deltrese

New York, NY

The body oil is my new staple. . .for life. After shower, on my skin, in my hair. I put it on wet skin, on dry skin. I totally get the name Inner Light. My skin is sooo soft and radiant. It’ like I really am glowing! I don’t like a lot of fragrance so the soft scent on my skin all day is just enough. On a friend’s recommendation I ordered the trial size of Tabula Rasa to try on my face. Update coming soon! Kate

Miami, FL

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