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These all natural soaps
areΒ carefully crafted
for cream-like
bubbly lather!

Cassis & Cognac

A sensual blend of aged cognac, sweet blooming vanilla orchids and spiced black currant. Smoky, sweet, sexy.
Perfect for warm summer nights out.

What goes on?!

Want to know where we’ll be next, or what new products we’re working on? Keep up to date on upcoming markets, what formulas we’re working on, and what’s on sale!

In the lab:

What’s cooking in the test kitchen this month? Check out what we’re working on, see something cool? Request a sample in your next order or swing by an upcoming market to try it out and give us feedback!

Mask-erade Ball!

Mask-erade Ball!

Good friends will have a spa day with you, the BEST friends will help you test clay mask recipes on their beautiful faces at 1am

Fresh faces, going places!

Fresh faces, going places!

As the holiday travel season approaches, we’re working hard on making skincare easily portable so we can take our show on the road!

Get Glowing!

Stay tough, not rough.
Our luxe foaming body scrub is one step to gorgeous. Cleanse, exfoliate and lightly moisturize!

Fan Faves

These are everyone’s favourite this week. Check them out, get yours before they’re gone & you have to wait for us to make more!

Simple things, for complex people.

No scary sounding chemicals, no scare tactics either; no buzzwords, and no branding you into a box. I make products that reflect my life, and fit into yours. Nothing here is fancy or delicate, the ingredients are real, they’re raw and they work. Designed to work for adventurers, homebodies, yogis, party people, world travelers, city dwellers, country folks, literally anyone. I’ll tell you what a product does. Not who it’s for or what to do with it. I enjoy low maintenance self care….but I’m also kind of a glamazon. I need flexibility in my primping routine; so I make simple things, would you like to meet the complex people who use them?