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Simple Skincare for complex people

You’re a phoenixx of many feathers. Complex enough, your skincare should not compete with that.
We craft handmade, bath, body and beauty products in ridiculously small batches, from natural plant-based ingredients that you can pronounce.

Silky Sudsy Bar Soaps

The first step in self care sorcery. Nourishing, vegan bar soaps, carefully crafted from sumptuous oils and butters for creamy, bubbly lather that gets you squeaky clean.

Luxe Foaming Body Scrubs

Cleanse, exfoliate & moisturize in one step! These scrubs perfectly blend creamy whipped castile soap, raw cane sugar & natural extracts for moisturized, supple skin.

Nourishing Lotions & Potions

Luxurious all-natural moisturizers, crafted from cold pressed, cocoa and shea butters, blended with light oils and emollients to give your skin the perfect level of hydration.

Glowing reviews from glowing fans. . .

This oil cleanser just f****** obliterated my glitter lip and magnetic eyeliner. STG this stuff took off my full beat in like less than 7 minutes!

Abby Fantastic
Badass Burlesque Performer

This lotion makes your skin feel like being on vacation in Florida and getting caught in a sun shower. Some lotions are sticky, some are greasy, some sit on top of your skin like a film you can’t get rid of. This lotion does none of those things. . . it just left my skin feeling like I walked through a cool mist. After seeing how it did not irritate my skin after using it I decided to give it the ultimate test and put it on my face before bed. I cannot explain in human words how amazing this lotion feels. The light lotion and sugar scrub are my daily skin care routine and my skin has never been better.

Nicole C.
Makeup Maven + Puppy Parent