Meet the Minis!

Build your skincare routine with a 3-step set!

Bundle a mini scrub and body oil with your full-size bar soap and save 40%

3 piece skincare set - Milk River

simple skincare for complex people

Sensory-friendly skincare formulated by neurodivergent cosmetic sorceress: Coleen Phoenixx 👩🏽‍🔬
Handcrafted in ridiculously small batches, from all-natural ingredients, each product is whisper soft, lightly scented, and multi-use to fit into your skincare routine; but effective enough stand on their own if routine is just NOT your jam. 

Silky Sudsy Bar Soaps

The first step in self care sorcery. Nourishing, vegan bar soaps, carefully crafted from sumptuous oils and butters for creamy, bubbly lather that gets you squeaky clean.

Luxe Foaming Body Scrubs

Cleanse, exfoliate & moisturize in one step! These scrubs perfectly blend creamy whipped castile soap, raw cane sugar & natural extracts for moisturized, supple skin.

Nourishing Lotions & Potions

Luxurious all-natural moisturizers, crafted from cold pressed, cocoa and shea butters, blended with light oils and emollients to give your skin the perfect level of hydration.

glowing reviews from glowing fans. . .

This is a product I love with and without fragrance. For someone with many a sensory issue, lotions and oils have always felt wrong on my skin and left me feeling sticky and gross all over. This does not do that. It dries enough that I’m never sticky but it keeps all the moisture in. I’ve never finished a body moisture product until this. Love it.

Nicole C.
Makeup Maven + Puppy Parent

This oil cleanser just f****** obliterated my glitter lip and magnetic eyeliner. STG this stuff took off my full beat in like less than 7 minutes!

Abby Fantastic
Badass Burlesque Performer