Long Live (soap) ROCK(s)!

Waste Not Want Not!

With “Refined” coming in as the hands down winner of the how-to-finish-our-bar-soaps debate, we’ve been doing a lot of trimming and beveling here in the lab. Trimming, means trimmings. . .and lots of them! Crafters never want to waste ANYTHING so we’ve decided to mill these precious soap bits into custom soap rocks. Because this soap seriously ROCKS!

Project Details

Inception: April 2016
Audience Participation: Ongoing! We ♥ custom orders!
Get your samples: With orders over $25
Get the finished product: June 2016

It begins!

Starting with my go-to oil and additive, first up is a crushed lavender soap rock! I wanted something to calm me down at bedtime. . . .and by bedtime, I mean that witching hour between 3 and 5am when I should go to sleep.
The beauty of hand milled soaps is that you can add anything from essential oils and herbs to exfoliants, clays . ..  really anything else your inner mad scientist thinks up!

So what say you?

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