Cold Process Soap is BACK!

Don’t call it a comeback. . .ok yeah, it is.

We’ve been wanting to add these back to the lineup for a long time now. I never stopped making cold process soap, there’s always a small batch curing somewhere in the house (usually the craft closet?) It just got to be too much to keep up with; offering several fragrances and coloring each batch, then waiting to see if the color would stay (30% turned an awful seaweed green/brown that didn’t exactly scream clean! *ew*) Folks have been asking for soap, showing me skin conditions at social events and on the train (can we not?) so, like the mythical phoenix, we are resurrecting this practice in the lab!

Project Details

Inception: February 2016
Audience Participation: March 2016
Get your testing samples: ::Testing phase has ended::
Get the finished product: Available now!

It begins!

Working from basic to exotic, I started with a batch of unfragranced, untinted and thoroughly uncomplicated soap which I shall call “Baseline”. Each selected for their unique talents in soaping, the rockstar lineup in this one includes:

  • Coconut Oil – For large fluffy bubbles!!
  • Olive Oil – For a mild and creamy lather, suitable for all skin types
  • Palm Kernel Oil – For a solid, un-squishy bar with fine silky lather *yum*
  • Rice Bran Oil – For moisturizing & soothing properties, this mellows the lather even more
  • Castor Oil – Known for regenerative capabilities, this makes our bar suitable for mature skin.


They came out beautifully! Now the only thing left to do is decide whether I like the shabby chic rustic tops or a nice polished beveled edge. What do you think?

Refined was the winner!!! Get your hands on a bar here:

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