Renew – Whipped Body Creme

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Thicker than lotion, and creamier than a body butter, this powerhouse blend of shea and soy butters moisturizes deeply to hydrate and replenish while lighter oils of camellia seed and apricot kernel smooth and soften. Though this creme comes off as a heavyweight, it’s actually light and fluffy! A little swipe goes a long way and leaves your skin soft and velvety.



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1 review for Renew - Whipped Body Creme

  1. Cassandra Bils (verified owner)

    The ingredients list may look subtle but it really indicates a combo of fairly procured clouds and thoughtful hydrators introduced to serve up a velvety feeling that is borderline absurd. The only human experience I’ve had so far that it matches up to is emerging from the blue lagoon in Iceland after a redeye flight and my first legal drink in a bathrobe. Effectively makes your legs so soft they become arms

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