Phoenixx Ash Exfoliating Grains


Rise from the ashes and renew your gorgeous face!

Carefully crafted from finely milled grains and rich renewing clay, this gentle dry exfoliant empowers you create a custom facial scrub any time you lather up by sprinkling just what you need to get smooth, soft, glowing skin!

 Stone Ground Rice Flour, Ground Bamboo Fibre, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Activated Charcoal 
How To Use
Shake a pea sized amount into your palm along with a pump or two of your fave gel or cream cleanser to create a custom facial scrub. Mix with your fingertips and massage onto wet skin in a gentle circular motion.

*Use a light touch! Let these exfoliating grains do the work. Though they be but (fine) they are fierce!*

Rinse clean and pat dry.


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