Good friends will have a spa day with you, the BEST friends will help you test clay mask recipes on their beautiful faces at 1am. ….I have the best friends ever ???

I love a good face mask. (who doesn’t?) But I love to be lazy! A good face mask in a jar is an easy spa treat go-to. What I don’t love is smearing isoparaffin, or polyisobutene onto my face and waiting for magic to happen. #NOPE. I usually just mix up a fresh clay mask of Kaolin, French Green Clay and Activated Charcoal. Adding a few drops of lavender oil, and a few teaspoons of lavender hydrosol if my skin is dry. This way I can get my spa on knowing I can pronounce everything resting on my face. Now that’s magic!

With the help of my midnight focus group up there, I’ve packaged up the perfect amount of clay, and juuuust the right amount of magic. So you can do the same, anytime you want!

Headed to the website just as soon as my manicured talons can type out the tiny ingredient lists. I’ve got Detoxifying green clay, refreshing rose clay, and pore clearing activated charcoal for ya!

What other types of clay mask would you like to get your hands on?



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