We are forever on the road. I think I’ve spent a grand total of 11 waking hours at home this month.
Which is awesome! I love going places, exploring, documenting (eating all the foodz); BUT I don’t always have access to my skin care regimen. So, I’ve been tooling around lately with more portable options.
Some new items headed for the website this Autumn:
  • Exfoliating grains for on the go scrubbing, alone or added to mild cleanser.
  • A mild cleanser!! I’ve been hard pressed lately to come up with a gentle face wash that contains no sulfates or foaming agents. So I’ll just do it myself ?
  • Cleansing oil/makeup remover ? there are a few out there that work well and treat my face nicely, I just wish they were comprised of less processed ingredients. So I rolled up my sleeves, slapped on LOTS of makeup, removed said makeup time and time again until I got the formula just right.
What portable skincare options do you wish existed? Maybe I’ll get to work on that next!

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