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The simple perfection of a clean slate, the lure of an empty canvas. Free of all fragrance & colourants, offering only the limitless possibilities of an empty page. Do with it what you will. . .
Notes: Nothing at all.

At At a hazy back table in a dimly lit brasserie the silent siren sits enveloped by a sensual blend of aged, full bodied cognac, sweet blooming vanilla orchids & spiced black currant.
Notes: Cognac, Vanilla, Spiced Fruit, Black Currant, Honey

In the contemplative silence of a new dawn, an airy bouquet of Sweet Pea, Red Clover Tea and White Lilies laces the clearing mist with quiet calm and the promise of things to come.
Notes: Sweet Pea, lily, white florals

A bright clean halo of teak wood and freshly squeezed limes that is powerful, energizing and almost heavenly, underscored and anchored earthy Myrrh and lush vetiver. A bold balance of strength and seduction. Notes: Grapefruit, Lime, Vetiver, Myrrh, Teak Wood