Exfoliating grains for your perfect facial scrub

No such thing as too much exfoliation? Yes, yes there is. But your ‘too much’ is probably different than my ‘too much’. Finding the perfect facial scrub can get a little Goldilocks-y. Too much exfoliant, not enough, apricot is too rough, baking soda is too fine, and microbeads are out of the question!

The answer? Exfoliating grains! This dry exfoliant is just the scrubby part of an exfoliating cleanser, so you can add it to any cleanser you like.

They give the power back to the people. It’s your face, you decide how scrubby you want your scrub. There are many formulas on the market, (of course the best ones are coming up right here!) so it’s easy to perfect your daily regimen. My skin changes what it wants depending on the season, the weather . . the time of day 🙄 #TemperamentalAF. So I’ve created a cleansing option that’s flexible!

Ounce per ounce you get more bang for your buck. Instead of being suspended in a gel or cream base, these grains are liberated! And so are you! Use as much as you need to create your perfect facial scrub. Just a pinch for a little gentle buffing, or a few shakes for a deep detox of that gorgeous face. You can sprinkle this exfoliant over a pump or two of your any gel or cream cleanser, a favourite bar soap; or even use with plain water.

After about 2 years of getting close but not perfect, we’ve finally hit the nail on the head!  Look for Phoenixx Ash Cleansing Grains on the website next month. (update: here they are!)

Want to get your hands (or face, I guess?) on a sample before committing to a full bottle? We’re sending out mini ½ oz bottles with all bar soap orders this summer!

Already have your grains? Did they change your life? What cleanser do you mix the grains with? Please, do tell!

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