Coleen Phoenixx

Founder, Formulator, Firestarter

Crafting custom organic skincare one tiny batch at a time!

Self Care Sip & Shop

Gather your crew to sip, sample and shop right in your living room! Whether it’s a bachelorette weekend, or a chill Friday evening, refresh and renew as we craft a custom organic skincare regimen just for you. Plushy robes & cucumber slices are optional but definitely encouraged.

DIY Workshops

You and your pals get a crash course in kitchen chemistry, as we craft custom recipes perfect for your skin. We’ll bring all the ingredients, tools and equipment, you just need to bring your creativity and unleash your inner mad scientist!

Craft, create, maybe cocktails? 

There are 1440 Minutes in a day. Take 90 for yourself sometime!

Self care doesn’t have to mean luxury and excess; sometimes it’s just taking a super long shower with high quality suds and some good tunes. Giving yourself time to scrub the day away and some square breathing while you apply a custom body oil works wonders for the psyche. Reserve a workshop, or a sip & shop for your squad today and get your hands on a custom bath & body set.


A perfect mini retreat for you and your squad, a workplace wind-down to treat your team, bachelorette parties & bridal showers, birthdays, or just a random Tuesday!


Explore natural ingredients that will truly nurture & nourish your skin for a natural glow. No quick fix cosmetics here!


Discover the nutritive benefits of oils & butters easily found at your local markets.


Find organic (and inexpensive!) alternatives to some of your favourite cosmetic products.

Self Care Sip & Shop

Relax with your squad and sample the Rising Phoenixx product line. Who doesn’t love shopping in their jammies?
+ Prizes & games for guests & special freebies for the host!

Custom Blended Body Oil

Explore essential oils and floral extracts to create a custom blended body oil that’s perfect for your skin.  Keep your summer glow no matter what the season!

Balms Away!

Discover the oils and butters that work best for your skin type. Create your very own handmade multi-use, all over body balm and custom tinted lip balm set. 

Sugar Scrub-a-dub

Try a myriad of exfoliants to see which fragrances and textures you simply love. Then, we’ll whip those ingredients into a customized foaming body scrub for a perfect spa-cation any time you choose.


Clay Masks & Toner Spray

Delve into the nutritive benefits of clays & minerals as we craft your skin’s perfect recipes. Create a customized clay mask and complementary floral toner spray for a spa quality facial whenever you want!

A Cosmetic Sorceress from the start. . .

Ever since college I’ve been mixing up lotions and potions to balance late nights with early mornings. Adding witch hazel to leave in conditioner to refresh my girls’ limp locks after evenings in smoky coffee houses, brewing black tea in rice bran oil to dot under our eyes & erase any sign tha

Now as a “grownup” and I use that term ever so loosely, I still rock the late nights and early mornings. Being a type A personality, I like to be prepared for wherever the day takes me, so I formulate products that have multiple uses and combine thoughtful design features with high quality ingredients. Like flat oval lip balm tubes that fit perfectly in a pocket, or body oils that are gentle enough to use on your face (hello no-rinse makeup remover!!) 

We live crazy hectic lives these days and we deserve skincare made from simple things, that can easily keep up with complex people. 

A word from workshops past. . 

I made a coffee and oat scrub and it’s my new favorite thing! I can’t find a coffee scrub in stores that I really love. Now I can make my own whenever I want. I follow it with the unscented Rising Phoenixx body oil. My skin feels amazing!

Lydia B.

Me and my kids had a lot of fun and went home and did facials. The size we brought home was much bigger then i thought and we should be able to get a few facials from what we made. The class was fun and Coleen was very nice and informative.

Sara K.

I got drawn into a scrub workshop in my WeWork space by some friends. It was actually really fun and now when my girlfriend uses the lavender scrub I made I’m like I MADE THAT!! I’m pretty proud lol, and it was fun.

Dylan R.

Gather your crew and your creativity Reserve your get together today!

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