5 “Secrets” to Glowing Summer Skincare

5 “Secrets” to Glowing Summer Skincare

Summertiiiiiime and the livin’ is dreamy! I wait all year for these 3 months of sunshine and delicious warm weather. I LIVE for the ease of throwing on (barely) one layer of clothes and walking out the door in flip flops. It’s good for my low maintenance soul! 😍 I wait all year to bust out my summer skincare routine.

Even if you love it like I do, Summer can also be brutal on your skin. It’s hot, it’s sticky, sometimes you party too much and sunblock too little. Sometimes, despite our best intentions at the end of the day, wind-down can too easily turn into lights out, and you just want to fall into bed and shirk all skincare responsibility. What’s better after a looooonng summer night of partying/binge-watching/Zoom chatting/drinking with your dog/whatever you enjoy. . ing?

On a warm breezy night, with the windows wide open, there are few things more delightful than drifting away into a sweet summery slumber. But before you do, take these 5 S’s with you throughout the day to make sure you greet the sun with a sweet summer glow instead of an OH NoOoOoOo 👀

Sip Sip Sip

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! But you knew that. You knew I was going to say that! We know this is key, but do we DO it? Probably not as much as we should. How much water have you had to drink today? Be honest! Granted, you don’t need to chug a gallon of water a day to be beautiful, but it IS good for you and the health benefits go beyond Summer skincare; your body needs it. The cosmetic benefits are just the icing on the cake.

If you (like me) have trouble remembering to drink enough water, start small. Pick a container of any kind: a wine glass, your fave coffee mug, super cute tumbler, shot glass, salad dressing to-go cup, anything, and fill it with water first thing when you wake. Then of course drink it! Just 4-6 ounces in the morning (or whenever you roll out of bed) will perk you up from a restful sleep, or help you feel refreshed if you slept poorly. If you’re not a sipper, do this a few times throughout the day and you’ll still get your H2O. Within a week, you’ll notice a brighter, smoother complexion, and your moisturizer won’t have to work so hard. Even your lips plump up a little! I mean, that’s why I do it 😘

Suds / Scrub it up

Wash your face twice a day. But mix it up! Use a light touch in the morning, a muslin cloth and cool water or a gentle cream cleanser is all you need to remove any remaining overnight skincare products and freshen up your face for the day. Especially if you are using exfoliating acids or peels overnight. Take it easy for the first face wash of the day, you just woke up!

Save the suds for the evening when you need to break down dirt, oil and makeup. Grab a water based gel cleanser, or the Rising Phoenixx Bar Soap best suited for your skin and lather up! In the winter I love the lavender of Balanced, My go-to for the summertime is Luminous, the rhassoul clay exfoliates gently and the lemon essential oil keeps this golden face glowing. For a little extra exfoliation, once or twice a week, sprinkle a tiny bit of Phoenixx Ash into those suds and treat yourself to a custom scrub!

amber glass bottle

Swipe it on

Follow your facial cleansing with a swipe of alcohol-free toner to remove any traces of dead skin cells and brighten up your complexion. An effective toner will clear and close pores to keep them from becoming clogged, and prep your skin to for the rest of your routine. Pick up a set of reusable cotton rounds for this step and keep errant cotton fuzz off of your face and out of landfills.

Being a mercurial multi-tasker, I love products that can keep up with me, so I made one! Halcyon is a whisper light lavender toner, infused with Hyalauronic Acid toner for a dewy kiss of hydration before you reach for your moisturizer.

Smooth on a serum

brown bottle on table

Of course you have to finish with a moisturizer! No skipping this ‘S’ just because it’s hot out! My secret cheat step is to swap out creams and lotions for a water gel or liquid serum concentrate. Look for a product the consistency of skim milk, light and luxe. You don’t have to drop a fortune on this step as more and more drugstore and mid range brands are adding these to their lineup, just steer clear of alcohol and fragrance. Those would undo all you hard work up to this point! (Watch this space for a Rising Phoenixx formula! I’m working on it!)


The sun sets later, in the summer forcing us (ok me) to try and make the very most of of every hour. Time passes strangely in 2020 lockdown-land. I see my bedtime creeping later and later, and I don’t even feel it but it shows under my eyes. . .which results in me having to add more serums! I like less steps, not more! 8 hours isn’t for everyone, find your sweet spot and try to hit that target! For me it’s 6 hours. Any more and I’m groggy all day 🙁

I timed the Suds/Swipe/Serum part of this Summer skincare routine on the way to the coffee machine sometime after sunrise when I really just want to flop the couch and finish waking up, and at 4:30am when I’d rather faceplant into bed, glitter eye shadow and all.

It takes 8 minutes. You’ve got 8 minutes. You can totally do this!

Shop this post:

Exfoliating grains for your perfect facial scrub

Exfoliating grains for your perfect facial scrub

No such thing as too much exfoliation? Yes, yes there is. But your ‘too much’ is probably different than my ‘too much’. Finding the perfect facial scrub can get a little Goldilocks-y. Too much exfoliant, not enough, apricot is too rough, baking soda is too fine, and microbeads are out of the question!

The answer? Exfoliating grains! This dry exfoliant is just the scrubby part of an exfoliating cleanser, so you can add it to any cleanser you like.

They give the power back to the people. It’s your face, you decide how scrubby you want your scrub. There are many formulas on the market, (of course the best ones are coming up right here!) so it’s easy to perfect your daily regimen. My skin changes what it wants depending on the season, the weather . . the time of day 🙄 #TemperamentalAF. So I’ve created a cleansing option that’s flexible!

Ounce per ounce you get more bang for your buck. Instead of being suspended in a gel or cream base, these grains are liberated! And so are you! Use as much as you need to create your perfect facial scrub. Just a pinch for a little gentle buffing, or a few shakes for a deep detox of that gorgeous face. You can sprinkle this exfoliant over a pump or two of your any gel or cream cleanser, a favourite bar soap; or even use with plain water.

After about 2 years of getting close but not perfect, we’ve finally hit the nail on the head!  Look for Phoenixx Ash Cleansing Grains on the website next month. (update: here they are!)

Want to get your hands (or face, I guess?) on a sample before committing to a full bottle? We’re sending out mini ½ oz bottles with all bar soap orders this summer!

Already have your grains? Did they change your life? What cleanser do you mix the grains with? Please, do tell!