How did we get. . . here?

I like simple things, and I like tiny bottles. . .

Ever since college I’ve been mixing up lotions and potions to balance late nights with early mornings. Adding witch hazel to leave in conditioner to refresh my girls’ limp locks after evenings in smoky coffee houses, brewing black tea in rice bran oil to dot under our eyes & erase any sign that we’d stayed up all night to watch the sun rise over Long Beach. My suitemates may have thought I was weird, but Friday nights, they all got dressed in my room so they could play with my cremes and concoctions, and Sunday evening they were right back for recovery recipes 🙂


A chance encounter between classes one (super lazy procrastinate-y) afternoon reconnected this kitchen chemist with my high school sweetheart, Paul. (who would later become my husband!! We’re so gross :-Þ) Encouraging my cosmetic addiction and motivating me to create customized versions of all my favourite products; he inadvertently spurred our foray into the tricky & technical world of men’s bath, body & hair products. Paul has ever since been the tether that keeps the Phoenixx from flitting away, a steady balance to my capricious tendencies. He is an artist and an engineer at heart; always working to build it better, stronger, faster. We now work in tandem refining the formulation of new products or developing the logistics of how to actually produce and package whatever wacky new thing I’m dreaming of.

What are we up to now?

Take a peek at our blog and see what new products we’re formulating, where we’re traveling for inspiration, and what markets we’re going to be at next!

5 “Secrets” to Glowing Summer Skincare

5 “Secrets” to Glowing Summer Skincare

Even if you love it like I do, Summer can be brutal on your skin. Here are 5 skincare “secrets” to make sure you greet each day with a sweet summer glow instead of an OH NoOoOoOo 👀