Welcome Friends!


It would be a long and convoluted equation to attempt calculation of the time and money spent purchasing products for the one-of-a-kind hair and selectively sensitive skin that runs through the Rising Phoenixx family.

The failure to fulfill the promises made by their labels can only be measured in frustration. In big-chop haircuts, breakouts, breakdowns & freakouts. (so many freakouts!) I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world though, since all of that madness is what set me on this path. It also serves as a promise to our clients.

There is a level of commitment that goes into Rising Phoenixx products that can only come from experience and understanding. Had I never stripped my hair with "temporary straightening solution" or wrecked my hands and nails working 12 hour days in a freezing cold fish market, I wouldn't know how to correct those things now, and I am here to share!

I'll never shy away from life for fear of cosmetic casualty and neither should you! I'm not the girl who stays out of the pool because chlorine is bad for your hair. I'm the girl who knows to rinse with freshwater first rhassoul clay fixes all afterward, so let's get that volleyball net up and jump in!



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